May 2019 Litter

Pippin & Rosie


All puppies will be ready for new homes on Late July 2019, with an expected date of pickup for the weekend of July 20th.


Woody ( Shaded Red/Red Boy) – Sold

Jessie (Shaded Red Girl) – Sold

Rex (Shaded Red Boy) – Sold

Slinky (Shaded Red Boy) – Sold


Please Note: Prices for this litter are between $600 and $700. The colors and shadings listed for each puppy are best estimates of their coat characteristics based on our experience. The markings, shadings, and colors may update as the puppies age and their coats grow longer. Contact us if you are interested in a puppy.

August 2018 Litter

Pippin & Polly


All puppies will be ready for new homes on October 6th 2018.


Mickey (Boy) $500 – Sold

Donald (Boy) $500 – Sold

Goofy (Boy) $500 — Sold

Daisy (Girl) $550 — Sold

Minnie (Girl) $550 — Sold

December 2017 Litter

Pippin & Polly


Both puppies will be ready for new homes on January 28th.


Fred (Boy) $500– Sold

George (Boy) $500 — Sold

November 2017 Litter

Stormy & Rey


Our “Stranger Things” Litter!


Rey is a long-haired black and cream, and Stormy is a long-haired black and cream brindle. The brindling in Stormy shows up on his points. The litter has three boys and two girls, who are all black and creams or black and cream brindles (difficult to tell for certain at this young age!) They will be ready for new homes on January 6th.


Hopper (Boy) $600– Sold

Elle (Girl) $650 — Sold

Mike (Boy) $600 — Sold

Dustin (Boy) $600 — Sold

Nancy (Girl) $650 — Sold

August 2017 Litter

Pippin & Winnie


Winnie is a dilute red longhaired female, and Pippin is a shaded red longhaired male. Their litter was born on September 2, 2017 and will be ready to go to new homes by November 4th.  There are two girls and four boys, and all appear to be shaded longhaired reds, with varying degrees of shading.


Chewie (Boy) $500 — Sold

Han Solo (Boy) $500 — Sold

Lando (Boy) $500– Sold

Luke (Boy) $500 — Sold

Leia (Girl) $550 — Sold

Jyn (Girl) $550 — Sold

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