We charge a deposit to reserve a puppy from current litters and expectant dogs. The deposits are non-refundable, so if you change your mind about buying the puppy, then you will not get your deposit returned, barring only unexpected health issues of the puppy. Each of our puppies include a 12 month guarantee from life-threatening genetic defects, and all puppies will receive a vet exam prior to going to its new home. We will provide the required vaccines while the puppies are with us, and expect you to finish those vaccines once it goes to its new home.


We require a $100 deposit made via PayPal in order to reserve the puppy of your choice from a litter. When you make this deposit, you are guaranteeing to us that you will purchase that specific puppy for a new home with you. Once you make a deposit, we will ensure that we will not place your puppy with another family. Please contact us prior to making a deposit so we can make sure that the puppy you are wanting is still available, since our website may not be 100% up to date when you look at it (things change quickly!). When you do make a deposit, please specify the litter and puppy you are reserving. 

Picking Up Your Puppy

We will contact you regarding when we expect your puppy to be ready to go to its new home. We will never let a puppy go to its new home until they are at least 8 weeks old. If we feel they are not ready to leave their mother’s care at 8 weeks, then we will keep them for another week or until we feel they are ready to go to their new home. If, after ten days of attempting to contact you to pick up the puppy, you have not contacted us or made arrangements to pick up your puppy, we will assume that this puppy will be available for another home. Ideally, the two of us will communicate throughout the process to keep each other up to date. We love to send updated puppy pictures and hear about how you are getting ready for the newest part of your family.

Payments and Pricing

The balance of the payment for the puppy is due at pick-up, and must be made in CASH or MONEY ORDER.  Our puppies are  priced individually depending on their characteristics, and a litter may have puppies at several different price points.  All of the adult dogs we breed are AKC registered, and all of our puppies are currently sold with the option of limited registration with AKC, meaning that they have no breeding or showing rights. If you are interested in breeding or showing rights (full AKC registration) please contact us. We have worked with others before with this option, but please know that special circumstances and conditions apply. 

When ready to place a deposit, please click the “Buy Now” button below after specifying which puppy/litter the deposit is for.

What Puppy is the Deposit For?